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People today seem to have forgotten what family means.  If they had not they would never treat families the way they do.  Think about it, most people in this country claim to be Christian, Jewish or Muslim.  Each of those religions claim to at least follow Torah (the first 5 books of the Old Testament) as their scripture; and, Torah makes it clear that marriage is required before people can rightfully begin the process of procreative family building.  Torah also provides that marriage is made by agreement, between the spouses to be, and consent of the father of the bride.  Even though it is clear that marriages referenced in the Bible were sometimes officiated by specific leaders that possessed priesthood authority, neither Torah nor the rest of the Bible give an account of any necessity other than said agreement and consent.  Therefore, it should be clear enough that marriage is a God given inherent right of the people.

Therefore, if you have agreement between the spouses to be and consent of the bride’s father, you have what is known as a “lawful marriage”.  However, most churches today teach that you must have a legal and lawful marriage.  Legal (in this case) means the marriage must be recorded in writing.  In the past, people accomplished this by recording the marriage in: a Ketubah (formal written contract of marriage), their family bible or otherwise in their private records.  Most churches today also tell you that you have to go get a marriage license from the “state” before the minister will marry you.  Now, we ask you, “Where did that come from?”

Historically, the concept of licensing marriages was developed by governments as a remedy for slave owners that wanted to marry a person of a different color; which thing the churches would not do; due to the scriptural warning not to mingle the races.  However, over time, the concept caught on and governments perverted the marriage license into an alleged mandatory obligation that anyone wanting to marry must acquire to lawfully marry.

If the minister is teaching from gospel principles provided in scripture, why then would they tell you to do something so far beyond, or foreign to, God’s apparent will?  Wouldn’t such a requirement give the state control over the church, which thing is forbidden in the national Constitution?  Where in the national or state constitutions did the people give government such power?  On review, you will find that the people never gave such power to government.  So, why would an honorable minister make such a requirement of the people in his church?

The most likely answer is, either they are ignorant of the truth or they are not following that element of the scripture for some reason.  If the cause was ignorance, we expect that was caused by something lacking in their education.  However, if it was they are not following the scripture, the reason might be a belief in the necessity for following local law supersedes the God given inherent right to marry by the mere agreement and consent referenced above.  Otherwise, why would they tell you to go to “The State of 'X'” to get a marriage license?

“The State of 'X'” is a private corporation outrightly controlled by the corporation known as “The United States Government” (Corp. U.S.); which is controlled by foreign principles.  License means, permission to do that which would be otherwise illegal.  Where God instituted marriage between man and woman, giving man His authority to so unite by man’s agreement and consent, why would a ‘man of God’ tell you to go to a private foreign corporation to obtain, by license, that which you already have a right to, by your natural birth?  He wouldn’t, if he knew any other way of lawfully doing it.  After all, weren’t you also fooled?

In law, the fact that you ask for a marriage license admits that you are incompetent to be otherwise married.  The license does not remove your alleged incompetence; it merely legally transfers the responsibility (ownership/control) of anything you create in the marriage to the party that issued the license.

One might ask: “Could that have anything to do with Corp. U.S. implying that you have to file an SS5 form before they will let you take a newborn baby from the hospital; even though no law can require you to file that voluntary use form.”

Respective to the application (the SS5 form), the Social Security Administration will create a Social Security card, name and number.  They will reserve the ownership of the card to themselves; so that, when it is accepted, in trust, by the future cardholder that cardholder will be an agency trust for Corp. U.S.; and, as such, Corp. U.S. will be both the parent and prime controller of the cardholder.

In Law the doctrine “Parens Patria” basically transliterates to, “the state is the parent”.  That is why Social Services is running rampant with controls alleging they have the right to control your children, to prescribe/administer drugs/contraceptives/etc. to them without your knowledge or consent and even the power to take them from you at will—even absent a reasonable cause and over your objection.  In fact, if you refuse they can have you arrested.  That is also why they have you fill out paperwork listing yourself as “parent/guardian” and for all intents and purposes, you are not recognized as the parent as you are their assigned guardian.

In Corp. U.S.’ D.A.R.E. program (translated directly from Hitler’s Children of the Fatherland program), as guardian, you send the children to public school where they are educated by the State in the latest social control systems and drug techniques.  Think about it, they admit the program was designed to break the peer pressure group of the children.  Have you ever noticed the peer group of a school child is the family?  Then notice that D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education.  Break down those words and notice their meaning:

  1. “D” stands for Drug.  Before being trained in the program most children have no Drug experience.  So the program introduces them to drugs and teaches them how to use, and where to get, them.
  2. “A” stands for Abuse.  Again, the child has no past experience with Drug Abuse; so, the program teaches the child how drugs are abused.  To understand the training the child must relate the trained abuse to themselves, in the future.  It’s like when a parent says, “Don’t touch the walls.”  Because the mind cannot create the reverse of an idea, the word “don’t” merely presupposes that the wall has not yet been touched.  Respectively, the whole message is made in command form; so, to understand the command we (everyone not just the children) must mentally form an image (experience) as a future event.  Now, notice what almost everyone does, almost immediately, after receiving such a command—they touch the wall!  Notice the D.A.R.E. program's motto, “Don’t use drugs.”
  3. “R” stands for Resistance.  Notice that “resistance” implies a will to participate that must be fought off even though it never really wins over the desire; thus, the truism, “Resistance is futile.”
  4. “E” stands for Education.  Education is exactly their point.  Most teachers and school officials involved in the program have no idea what the system is compelling them to do with this program; that being: they are teaching the children not only to use, and abuse, drugs, but also they are making the child become a part of the Corp. U.S. system of using the schools to police the parents.

From their parens patria capacity, the final blow in support of the system is their distribution system for Ritalin—some of the most powerful speed (crank) on the market—places these innocent children right in the middle of the drug world.  Use of nearly any amount of Ritalin causes overdose, which is the desired effect of the drug—that is exactly why it has a calming effect on an otherwise very active child.

The school system argues, “Children perform better when they are on the drug and children are uncontrollable when they are not on the drug.”  The truth is without the drug, the students are simply learning faster and better than the teacher knows how to teach.  Memory is state based.  That means when you learn something, all you have to do is go back into the same state you were in when you learned it and recall is almost automatic.  The school causes this to happen by overdosing the child into a stupor during both the learning phase and again through the testing phase.  Tests show the students perform well that way—the problem is that if they aren’t on the drug they remember little of what they were taught while under the influence.  The D.A.R.E. program teaches children to resist drugs then the system feeds drugs to them while breaking the child away from the family.  That means the child needs a new family—the gang—their “friends” going through the same mold; people they understand.  The facts are in.  This is an accurate statement of the results of this program; the system calls it, “The new Drug Culture”.  Still, most Americans allow this to happen to their children as they actively participate in the systematic overthrow of the family.

If you fall into this trap and do nothing to end it, you must be ‘only the guardians’ of your children; because, if you realized that you are a child of God and you have the ability to procreate your own children in God’s image, you would never allow Corp. U.S., the IMF or anyone else to so systematically take your children away from you and destroy your family.

Then ponder the effect of paying a tax to support killing some 40,000,000 pre-birth infants to satisfy the new culture; just because the parents don’t want them; but, they do want to play without consequence.  It’s time to awaken to your true nature as descendant heirs of our original parents, Adam and Eve and be accountable for our families and our family values.

How do you protect your family?

First, notice there is no signature on the alleged Marriage License.  Signature is defined as knowing willing consent.  If you were not aware that the state attempting to issue you a license to marry was actually a private corporation within Corp. U.S. (which is a private corporation controlled by foreign principles); and, if you were not aware that they created the program for the purpose of removing you from your natural parental rights; and, if they did this without disclosure of the facts to you, then you could not have possibly signed either the application or other related licensing documents.  In other words what you thought was your signature does not fit the qualifying limitation of what a signature is.  That means you could not possibly be married under such a license.  However, if you had agreement between you and your spouse to be, and consent from the father of the bride, when you went to alleged state, you were already married before you went to them.  Our WARN newsletter has complete descriptions of how to eliminate any appearance of such licensed marriages such that Corp. U.S. has to recognize that your children are in fact your children and that they do not belong to the state in any manner.

Next you need to take responsibility for educating your children yourselves.  Corp. U.S. has no idea of how to teach children of God; and, they have no intention of doing so; that should be obvious.  The people have consistently proven that home school and private education systems are far superior to public education.  Every test of home schooled children shows they are better educated than publicly schooled children.

The bottom line is you must make your own decisions; and you must do it now, before it is too late!  If you don’t, there may be no second chances. Time’s up.

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