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Team Law is not really a product-oriented organization; rather, we are a service-oriented organization.  We are also a bit of a unique organization; in that, our purpose is to help people learn how to educate themselves.  The intent behind our kind of service is to help people learn how to stand for themselves in and at law so they can help us save our nation as the Constitutional Republic it was organized to be.  You see, our nation’s founding fathers lived through experiences that caused them to be self-educated in matters of Land, Rights and Law.  Today, we live in similar circumstances, but the majority of the people have not yet come to grip with the necessity; even though all appearances surrounding them point to that very necessity.  We have been mass educated to think for the moment with apathy towards our circumstances.  Our education points us to turn to other’s implied intelligence, knowledge or experience for our answers; rather than finding the truth for ourselves through our own research and experience.  Accordingly, though we inherently know it is right and proper to obey, honor, sustain and comply with the law, we trust in others to inform us what the law is rather than discovering what it is for ourselves.  Respectively the Products available from Team Law are oriented towards helping people awaken to the facts of life we face today and to the solutions you can discover an apply.

WARN Newsletter The WARN Newsletter is an excellent example of a tool designed to warn people of the literal war we are all faced with today.  That war is focused against the free natural independent sovereign people of the United States of America.  Its apparent intent is to make the masses comply to a dictated rule that seems reasonable even though it is not compliant with the controls required under our Constitutional Republic form of Law.  This new form of dictatorship is presented to the people as the result of “This Democracy”; but is in fact contrary to the laws of our actual government.  Though it would seem something so sinister would be impossible to pull off in our free society, the reality is it works because of the people’s ignorance bound voluntary participation.  The WARN Newsletter awakens people with a sampling of information designed to not only cause people to think about the actual situations we each face, but also provides case citations and evidence that both point the reader to the truth and to the solution for our times.   To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

Online Store Our Online Store provides access to products focused on specific subject matters.  Our products are designed to help people learn how to apply our Standard for Review to a particular subject matter.  The products take you through the path of discovering solutions others have applied.  Those particular solutions are not the power in such presentations; rather, the path of discovery is the purpose for our product.  Some organizations train by saying, “Do this, then file that, then do something else.”  They provide no real understanding for you to follow their advice.  They want you to rely on how good they make it sound.  We think that rather than doing what others say (simply because they say to), people should learn how to do what they must do from their own experience and study.  Thus, our materials point you to the path of discovery so you can discover for yourself how to respond to any given situation.  Accordingly, we never give advice or tell you what you should do; rather, we help you discover how to learn to do the right thing based on your own knowledge and experience.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

Open Forum We started our Open Forum to eliminate the abundance of e-mail Team Law was getting.  As conventional e-mail systems became more and more abused by spammers and smut peddlers we were receiving up to 6,000 e-mail messages per day.  It became a full time job just disposing of the junk e-mail.  We had to do something that would allow us to both eliminate the problems of the conventional e-mail system and allow us to be responsive to inquiries from people interested in Team Law.  Our solution was our Open Forum system, which provides both a private message system and an Open Forum.  Having been online for several years, the system has become an incredible resource for accurate information regarding law and solutions to problems many people face today.  It even debunks common mythological ideas about taxes, law and solutions to such problems.  It certainly has the ability of informing you of the value of Team Law services and your support for our work..  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

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