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Voting for Governor

in a State’s original jurisdiction gubernatorial election.

First: go to Team Law’s “Reseat America!” page and with your mouse, select your State on the map.  A window will pop up with the original jurisdiction Governor’s information.  Select the button that provides you with the affidavit for election for the original jurisdiction Governor.  Fill out the application in accord with the insturctions provided.

Once you have filled out your Affidavit it needs to be signed in front of a notary.


If your State already has an original jurisdiction governor you can simply send your affidavit to that current governor (if you don't know whether your State has such a governor or not, contact Team Law at: Elections).  If that governor is running for reelection that governor’s mailing location should be the mailing location shown on our election tracking page link to your State’s name.  If that governor is not running for reelection, you may either sent your affidavit to him or follow the next procedure shown:

If your State does not have a governor (or if you do not know the current governor’s mailing location), file the affidavit with the local county Clerk and Recorder’s office where the Land Records are stored.  Then take a certified copy of the record and send it or the original to the named candidate’s mailing location.

The State of “X” has nothing to do with this election, therefore they receive no copy of the affidavit and you do not write in your candidates name on their ballots.  Proper filling can only be completed with the original jurisdiction Republic State officials and the State of “X” does not qualify.  You may record your affidavit and the Clerk and Recorders office as a public record; this can be especially valuable in first time elections where there are no original jurisdiction Republic State officials available.  If the Clerk and Recorder refuses to file the affidavit, then get them to give you a letter stating in writing that they refused to file the document.  Whether or not you get the letter, you still need to send the original affidavit or a certified copy of it to the candidate for governor.

That’s it, you’ve done your part in reseating the government.

Team Law would also like to get a copy of your filed Affidavit of Election; respectively, please, either mail one to us or attach a copy of it to a private message to Admin.

Thank you for your support.

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