Governor:  Scott A. Brown

Governor Scott A. Brown was elected as the last original jurisdiction Governor for Wyoming.  If you would like to support Scott A. Brown for reelection as Governor, please click this button: 

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  to get an affidavit of election; fill out the affidavit in duplicate, sign both copies in front of a notary, and if it is too late in the day to record one affidavit with the County Clerk and Recorder, then simply send the Affidvit of election to Governor Brown at the address listed below using content notarized mail as shown in this link: Original Jurisdiction Gubernatorial Election 2015.  Also send a copy to your candidate.  If you need assistance please contact Team Law.

e-mail: Wyoming’s Governor
mailing location:

Scott Brown
c/o non-domestic
  822 Lane 14 1/2; near:
  Lovell, Wyoming
  United States of America

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