West Virginia

Governor: “William Scott Baker

Governor William Scott Baker of West Virginia in running for reelection and we are supporting him to retain that seat.  To cast your vote for Governor Baker click this button 

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,  fill out the affidavit in duplicate, sign them both in front of a notary, then send one of the affidavits to Governor Baker at the mailing location below.  That is all that is necessary because Governor Hudok is an incumbant Governor and as such he is still the keeper of the records of the State.  Keep the other original for yourself as proof of your participation in the election.  It is also a good idea to send a copy of your recorded affidavit to your candidate.

Candidate’s temporary mailing location:
e-mail: West Virginiaís Governor

William Scott Baker
c/o non-domestic
  P.O. Box 736
  Beckley, West-Virginia
  The United States of America

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