Governor:  Greg Lesher.

If you would like to support Greg Lesher as the original jurisdiction Governor for Utah, please click this button:    After you download the affidavit, print at least two copies.  Follow the instructions that come with the affidavit and fill out the affidavit in duplicate, sign them both copies in front of a notary, then send one of the affidavits to Governor Greg Lesher at the mailing location below.  That is all that is necessary because Governor Lesher is an incumbant Governor of the State.  Keep the other original for yourself as proof of your participation in the election.  It is also a good idea to send a copy of your recorded affidavit to Team Law.  Please contact Team Law to inform our election forum of your support so that we can continue to properly track elections in Utah.

Contact Utah’s candidate via private message on Team Law’s forum at: Governor Lesher

mailing location:
Greg Lesher
c/o non-domestic
  P.O. Box 263
Hwy 6 Lot 54; near:
  Hinckley, Utah 
 United States of America

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