Governor:  David Benjamin (Ben) Graydon

Governor David Benjamin (Ben) Graydon served South~Carolina in its original jurisdiction for two terms and needed to retire from office at the end of his second term.  Respectively, the people of South~Carolina needed to find a new candidate for that office for this year’s election.  However, the laws of the State do not provide for the the vacancy in the office due to the people failing to timely elect a Governor.  The closest thing to that is the provision for the Governor to appoint a replacement if the Governor needs to vacate the office for any reason and there is no Lt. Governor to replace the Governor.  Respectively, the people of South~Carolina are looking for such a replacement for Governor Graydon to appoint.  Please help us find a new candidate for this office.  To suggest a candidate for the office for our support contact Team Law.

e-mail: South~Carolina’s Governor (via: Team Law’s Forum Admin)
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Governor Ben Graydon
c/o The Times Examiner
  44 Pine Knoll Drive suite E-2
  Greenville, South~Carolina
  The United States of America

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