Governor: William G. Langendoen

On: November 3, 2015 William G. Langendoen was elected Governor, when more electors downloaded an Affidavit of Election from the following link:

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, followed the instructions included with said affidavit to fill out the affidavit in duplicate, signed both copies (in front of a notary), recorded one affidavit at the County Clerk and Recorder's office; and, using content notarized mail, sent the other copy with the recording information to Governor Buckner at his mailing location of record below.  Finally, they sent a copy of the content notarized mail evidence to the Candidate and notified Team Law; so we could track that election. Respectively Governor Langendoen received more votes that any other candidate to win the election.

E-mail: Oklahoma’s Governor
mailing location:

Candidate: William G. Langendoen

c/o  non-domestic

  3220 East 90th Street North; near:
  Wagoner, Oklahoma
  United States of America

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