Governor: “John David Mathews”
We thank Governor Mathews for his service to Mississippi; however, term limits prevent his further service as Governor; wherefore, the people of Mississippi need to find a new Governor for the original jurisdiction gubernatorial seat this year.

Please contact Team Law if you know of someone that might qualify as a candidate for this office.  To cast your vote for a candidate we have provided a generic Affidavit of Election; click this button

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.  Fill out the affidavit in duplicate, sign them both in front of a notary, record one affidavit at the County Clerk and Recorder, then send the other copy with the recording information to Governor Mathews at the mailing location below.  Please also send a certified copy of your timely field Affidavit of Election to Team Law.

email: Mississippi’s Governor

mailing location for, Governor John David Mathews:
c/o non-domestic
  14208 Mt. Pleasant Road; near:
  Vancleave, Mississippi
  United States of America

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