Candidate for Governor:  (we need one!)

When Governor John Ringer retired from office last year, we supported James Green as a candidate for Governor of Maryland, in its original jurisdiction, in the 2014 election.  However, we received no evidence from Maryland to indicate that anyone successfully participated in that election last year.  Respectfully, we are looking to either confirm that a Governor was then elected or to find a new candidate to fill that seat in a special election this year; thus, if you know someone that might be able to help us, please contact Team Law through the following links: by phone; or, by private message.  We have created a generic Affidavit of Election for Maryland, which you can download by double clicking this button

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.  Follow the instructions included with said affidavit to properly record your electoral vote.  Make sure you send a copy of your Affidavit of Election to John Ringer at the mailing location below; and, a copy of your electoral voting evidence (preferrably scanned) to Team Law.

e-mail: Maryland’s Candidate (via: Team Law’s Forum Admin)

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