Candidate for Governor: “Edward A. Yoho

Governor Richard D. Clift has served well these past several years and though he has our full support for reelection; we have not heard from Governor Clift and are concerned that he may be in poor health or worse.  Wherefore, given that there is only one week before the election we discovered that Edward A. Yoho is a candidate for the original jurisdiction Illinois Governor’s office.  Respectively, to elect Edward A. Yoho download an Affidavit of Election, double click this button:

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.   Fill out the affidavit in duplicate, sign them both in front of a notary, record one affidavit at the County Clerk and Recorder, then send the other copy with the recording information to Governor Richard D. Clift at the mailing location below.

e-mail: Illinois’s Candidate for Governor
mailing location:
Edward A. Yoho
c/oP.O. Box 551
 Roscoe, Illinois
 United States of America

e-mail: Illinois’s Governor
mailing location:
Richard D. Clift
c/o non-domestic
 2111 M. L. King Drive; near:
 Peoria, Illinois
 United States of America

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