Candidate for Governor: Edwin Scott Pate

Governor Glen Collins was term limited in the last election and retired leaving the office vacant; and, necessitating a special election to fill the vacant office in term.  Thus, we are supporting Edwin Scott Pate as candidate for the original jurisdiction Republic State’s Governor.  Respectively, we have provided an Affidavit of Election that you can download by double clicking this button:

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.  Then, simply follow the instructions that come with the Affidavit to cast your vote.  Make sure you use ‘content notarized mail’ to send your Affidavit of Election to: Governor Glen Collins, at the mailing location below.  Please also contact Team Law to inform us of your support; so we can continue to properly track elections in Delaware.

Contact Georgia’s original jurisdiction Governor either through: Team Law,
or via the following physical mailing location:

Governor Glen Collins
c/o non-domestic
  281-D Young Harris Street, #280; near:
  Blairsville, Georgia
  United States of America

Contact the candidate either through the following link: Candidate for Governor,
or through the following physical mailing location:

Edwin Scott Pate
c/o non-domestic
  81 Sparrow Road; near:
  Unadilla, Georgia
  United States of America

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