The States join Corp. USA

Starting around 1962 and continuing through 1968.  The private foreign corporation known as the United States Government (Corp. U.S.) went to the States and pointed out to them that their own constitutions forbid them from participating in foreign currencies and/or foreign loans, foreign bonds, etc., and yet they were dealing in the foreign note system of Federal Reserve Notes.  They were warned that if the people became aware of this they could imagine a scene similar to that of the Magna Carta signing where the Lords held a sword to the King’s head and said sign or we’ll get a new king.

The king signed, as did the States.  One by one, they organized private corporations as sub-corps. to Corp. U.S.

For example, Colorado rewrote Colorado’s Constitution, revised their Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS), and enacted CRS Title 24 as the “Administrative Organization Act of 1968” restructuring its laws in 1968.  Said Title 24 is the new corporate charter for, “THE STATE OF COLORADO”, which is Corp. U.S. possession.

By 1972 every State in the Union had done the same thing.

The California Republic, formed “THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA”;  The Republic of Texas formed “THE STATE OF TEXAS”;  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, formed “THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA”;  and so it went, until each and every State had formed a private corporation of a name like “THE STATE OF _______”, where the blank is a common name for the State.  As people registered to vote with these corporations they participated in their elections of corporate officials and bonded debts; they also stopped electing original jurisdiction State government officials, thus unknowingly vacating their actual State governments.

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