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This is our Meetings and Events menu page.  Though, advances in technology and logistic expenses have largely eliminated local meetings with Team Law, we do still support local meetings, TV and Radio broadcasts.  When such Meetings and or Events are scheduled we publish notice of them here.

Conference Calls We provide conference calls offer people a convienient way of learning with Team Law beneficiaries.initiate   Some of our conference calls are broadcast on the radio.   To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

Events When Team Law is involved in a special Event, we announce it on this page.  We also provide you with information regarding how you can get involved and set up your own local events and use Team Law.   To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

Meetings When Team Law was formed it was necessary to have many meetings all over the country.  Today, most people opt for setting up teleconferencing meetings and or handle such needs over the internet.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

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