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How to E-mail Team Law

We eliminated e-mail due to the large volume of SPAM/trash mail sent every day over the internet.  Instead of using e-mail we use our open forum system to host interactive communication that far exceeds e-mail in every way.  Our Open Forum allows people to interactively communicate and ask questions or send private mail.  To check out our Open Forum simply click on the following link.

Linked icon for Team Law Open Forum

Because we have eliminate e-mail we ask you to please delete any e-mail addresses you may have for Team Law, and instead use Team Law’s Forum.

Our Open Forum’s automated registration system does use e-mail to verify our registered user’s contact information; however, that registration system is automated and it only processes automatic user registration information.  When you register, the registration system automatically requests your actual name, mailing address and phone number.  When you provide that information in response to the e-mail the registration system sends, it responds by granting you access to the Open Forum.

We hope this information is helpful to you.

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