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The fate of the poor shepherd, who, blinded and lost in the snow-storm, perishes in a drift within a few feet of his cottage door, is an emblem of the state of man.    On the brink of the waters of life and truth, we are miserably dying.”  from "The Poet", by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

When you need to learn how to learn the Law firsthand from its source, contact Team Law; we can help you.

What will it take to save our: nation, lives, liberty and property?
“First, we must believe — it is possible!”
Then act accordingly; see: Call to Action!

Sir Winston S. Churchill described the sentement from the above Emerson quote like this: “People stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as though nothing happened.”  Respectively, it seems like, all too often, we stumble over truths that might otherwise dramatically effect our lives; if only we were to notice them.  But, as Churchill noted, we pick ourselves up, dust off and hurry on with our busy lives as if nothing had happened.

On, May 2, 2013, Team Law’s Trustee his wife and three of their daughters were in their 15 passenger van when it hit a large boulder on the highway.  Our Trustee’s back was broken in several places; thankfully, no one else was injured.  They all felt quite blessed to have survived.

Have you ever noticed how such events come upon us in an instant; and, instantly change our lives?  Life threatening experiences often have that perspective changing effect.

My wife and children are more valuable to me than anything else this life has to offer—they are my life.
How do you feel about your family?

What would you do if you discovered someone was systematically lulling you into a false sense of security while they took your children away?

Would you want to know it was happening?
Would you be willing to learn the truth?
After learning the truth, would you want to learn how to save them?
Would you do whatever you needed to do to save them?
Would you be willing to support others as they also worked, not only to free their children but, to help insure that such a thing would never happen again?

After sincerely pondering those questions, consider the following points of law and their effects:

  1. As a matter of law: a Trust is created anytime anyone lawfully gives something to someone else to hold; even when no written contract exists (see: Contracts, Trusts and the Corporation Sole).
  2. Trusts are contractually defined business entities that can do anything any other person can do; respectfully, trusts act distinctively separate from the parties that control them.
  3. As a matter of law: the United States government (hereinafter: “Corp. U.S.”) reserves ownership of the Social Security Card (hereinafter: “SSC”) along with the registered name and Social Security Number (hereinafter: “SSN”) printed on such cards before they offer the same to any intended cardholder.
  4. Respectively, compare Corp. U.S’. offer to paragraph 1. above and ask yourself, “Does not the acceptance of such an offer constitute a Trust?”  Answer: as a matter of Law: “It does!
  5. In fact, the Social Security Administration (hereinafter: “SSA”) itself claims, in their own publications, that they created the registered name and number combination to uniquely distinguish the cardholder [the SSA’s cardholding trust (hereinafter: “SSCT”)] from any people of the same, or of a similar, name.

From that did you understand that, as a matter of law: the SSC is not “your card”?
        It belongs to Corp. U.S.!  (See: Corp. U.S. Myth 10.)
Respectively, do you now understand that the SSN printed on the SSC is not “your SSN”?
        As a matter of law, it too belongs to Corp. U.S.!

So, ask yourself: “In life and law, if someone asks you: ‘What is your SSN?’, what does it mean when you respond by reciting a SSN?”

    There are only two accurate answers to that question:
    1. It could simply be the SSCT responding; i.e. because the SSN does not belong to you (instead it uniquely distinguishes the SSCT from you) and because you lend that SSCT consciousness and physical capacity, it could be responding to such a question using the SSN the SSA provided to uniquely distinguish its actions from yours; or,
    2. If you respond to such a question with a SSN, as if it were actually “your number”, that would indicate that you have formed a General Partnership with that SSCT; which partnership makes you equally, collectively and severally liable for the obligations of that SSCT; as if you were it and its obligations were yours.

To understand the reality of how this affects you it is important for you to know a little bit more about trust law (see: Contracts, Trusts and the Corporation Sole); so, please consider the following factors:

  1. Any time either a trust’s Creator or its Beneficiary lawfully retains control over distributions from a trust to its Beneficiary and/or the ability to terminate the trust, the trust is an agency of that party so retaining such control.
      Respectively, from the onset, Corp. U.S. retains both the power to terminate the SSCT at any time and the power to adjust FICA (the statute that provides for social security deductions from pay), etc. at any time.  Thus, as a matter of law: all Social Security cardholders are agencies of Corp. U.S.
  2. The thing or things (assets) held in trust are called the trust’s ‘res’; and, though title to the res can lawfully be held in the name of the trust, the equity title (i.e., actual ownership) remains with the trust’s Beneficiary.
      When Corp. U.S. first sends a SSC to an intended cardholder they reserve ownership of the SSC to Corp. U.S.; thus, though the card is the trust’s original res, held for the Beneficiary (Corp. U.S.), it remains the property of Corp. U.S.
  3. Respectively, the Equity Title of all property ever acquired by a trust remains the property of the trust’s Beneficiary.
      Respectively, all property acquired through any use of SSN becomes part of the SSCT’s res; and, the same remains the actual property of Corp. U.S.

Respectively, even though no law requires participation in the Social Security system, people today believe participation is mandatory and applications (Form SS5) for such relationships are filed by hospitals, doctors, guardians, etc. (see: Corp. U.S. Myth 9).  Thus, by the time children are born, their parents/guardians are already allegedly “holding a SSC for the child when the child comes of age”.  Respectively, from infancy, children are taught that the SSN on that so held SSC is their "Social".

Can you not see that by doing that, people voluntarily make their children agents of Corp. U.S.; that is to say, by so making children agents of the State the actual birth parents voluntarily reduce their capacity to “Guardian for the State” acknowledging that the State is the Parent (see: WARN newsletter Vol. 1, Iss. 1: Family Ties).

Respectfully, our history to date clearly shows the people of the United States of America have been systematically lulled into a false sense of (social) security while they voluntarily give their children (as agents) to Corp. U.S.  And, because this process has been going on for generations, with only minute changes since 1935, it has been established as such a second natured relationship that the parents don’t even recognize that, by now, they too only act in just such a Corp. U.S. agency capacity.

Given that the SSCT is uniquely distinguished from you (and/or others) by the use of a SSN, consider the following:

  1. Who made the agreement upon which your last job or investment was made, you or the SSCT?
      Answer: If the SSN was used in relation to the agreement, it was the SSCT.
  2. Respective to that last question, who got paid for the returns from that agreement, you or the SSCT?
      Answer: If the SSN was used, it was the SSCT.
  3. Who opened the bank account into which the pay from such agreements was deposited, you or the SSCT?
      Answer: If the SSN was used to open the account, it was the SSCT.
  4. When you used cash that come from, a check, a debit card or a credit card related to, that bank account to make a purchase, who made that purchase, you or the SSCT?
      Answer: Because the account was the SSCT’s account, it was the SSCT that made all such purchases.
  5. Who got the bank loan that was used to buy your house/car/etc., you or the SSCT?
      Answer: If the SSN was used to secure the loan, it was the SSCT and all equity in the property so secured by such a loan belongs to Corp. U.S.
  6. When was the last time you purchased anything without in some way using the SSCT or cash from its accounts?
      Answer: Today, it is common for people to have lived their entire lives without ever making a purchase that was not made by or through a SSCT.

That means that virtually all of the, so called, private property in the United States of America today was purchased by Corp. U.S. agencies (SSCTs or some related entity); and, as such, virtually all such property is currently held in trust for its actual equity titled property owner—Corp. U.S. [by the way, the form of governance that describes that level of “governmental” ownership/control is Communism].

Now, if you did not understand the magnitude of the above presented history, facts, laws and their effects, let’s make that clear—it means that not only is virtually all of the private property in the United States of America owned by Corp. U.S. but all such agencies (SSCTs, etc.) and the property that they so hold are controlled by the terms and conditions of their respective agency agreements and not by rights secured under the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.

Is it any wonder that we, almost daily, witness evidence that the “government” is not being controlled by our constitutions?  Instead, we see what appears to be the unconstitutional expansion of authoritarian power executed through new acts like the PATRIOT Act, the Homeland Security Act and the so called: “ObamaCare” act; and, we see leaders like Corp. U.S’. President taking extraconstitutional actions both in the United States and around the world; which cause the people to cry out impeachment.  Of course, that reminds people that even the Constitution’s provision that, ‘only natural born citizens can serve as President’ is no longer being enforced by Congress; so, they lose heart.

All of this creates an environment of discontent that further lulls people into submission, believing there is nothing they can do but comply with the authoritarian edicts of Corp. U.S. and the Corp. States they control.  But, the only reasons for such attitudes of discontentment are those very people are neither counting their blessings nor using what they have to create what they desire.  They either never knew the law or forgot how to use it to control our government—thus, they fail to act only because they don’t know what to do.

The American author, William Feather (1889-1981) wrote: “Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.

At the top of this article we quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The fate of the poor shepherd, who, blinded and lost in the snow-storm, perishes in a drift within a few feet of his cottage door, is an emblem of the state of man. On the brink of the waters of life and truth, we are miserably dying.

Once people discover the true nature of the SSCT, they often feel a lot like that poor shepherd blinded and lost in the storm.  Like the shepherd only their ignorance keeps them from knowing how near they are to the door to freedom.  They feel like giving up and letting the storm take them; but, if they simply use the resources available to them, they will discover that they are on the brink of the waters of life and truth.  Again, as Churchill said: “People stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as though nothing happened.”

The choice is always ours: to run off as though nothing happened — or learn the law and use it to save our families and our nation.

The law provides simple enough remedies to save our children, ourselves and our nation; we merely have to learn the law to apply the remedy; that is what Team Law is all about.

Because, “All things are possible to those that believe”,  wouldn’t each of us be better off if we simply decided to start learning about the possibilities.  Instead of wasting the power within us by thinking thoughts of futures we don’t desire?  Wouldn’t we be better off learning how to, and freeing, our children ourselves and our nation in the process?  Just start now; and, imagine a future you desire.

Earlier in this article, we asked: “What would you do if you discovered someone was systematically lulling you into a false sense of security while they took your children away?”

After learning the truth, would you want to learn how to save them?
Would you do whatever you needed to do to save them?
Would you be willing to support others as they also worked to not only free their children but help insure that such a thing would never happen again?

Our answers to those questions are the very reason we started Team Law.

Contact us, Team Law can help.

The “Reseat America!” page and the Call to Action movement are examples of people learning and applying the law to restore our nation.

Team Law provides answers and solutions through self-education.  You can learn how to assert your rights and lawfully: take control of government, secure your domain with Land Patents, and legally protect your family.  Learn the law and the history of this nation - The United States of America; and, we can show you how we (the people) can take our nation back legally, lawfully and peacefully, which will not happen by people ignorantly and foolishly jumping on bandwagons filled with Patriot Mythology, silver bullets and frustration.

We do this work as an elemental obligation to preserve our Liberty, honor our covenants with our Creator and to provide our families with freedom.  Accordingly, we raise this Title of Liberty, as a symbol of our dedication:

In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,     
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

We raise this Title of Liberty by attaching it to our e-mail messages, web sites and letters or other forms of communication.  When you raise this Title of Liberty it will remind you, and others, of the purpose for which our nation was formed and why we must continue to fight for our freedom.  Raise this Title as a sign: of your intent to learn and apply the law, of our strength and of our purpose of lawfully rallying together to reseat our nation in accord with our Constitution and our laws.
Together, let’s learn the law and apply it to spread this Title as a peaceful rally cry for freedom!

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