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The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why ”  Mark Twain.

Introduction:  On this site you’ll find: an abundance of self-help study material, articles and links; designed to help you learn how to learn and apply the law.  Our Open Forum helps you communicate directly with Team Law and learn how our work helps people learn how to preserve our country by learning and applying the law.

What if there was a way to
“Save America?”
Would you learn how and do your part?

On Aug. 12, 2008, the ABC News report stated: “People can’t drive because gas is too expensive, the price of food is skyrocketing, families are losing their homes, the stock market is tanking and the Arctic ice caps might be melting, plunging the planet into serious trouble.”  They went on to say: “A lot of people take in all this news, shrug it off and just push on with life.  But not everyone.”  They were referring to: “preppers”: people who recognize the necessity for being prepared for whatever comes.  As the Prepper Movement has grown, ‘Preppers Expos’ have popped up to satisfy the needs of the “Prepper Movement” marketplace.

In the last weekend of March, 2015, Team Law attended what was billed as: “the largest Preppers Expo. in the U.S.A.—the USA Prepares Expo.”.  Listening to people at that Expo. confirmed a dangerous pattern trending at least since Barrack Øbama was first elected.  Too many people are imagining a future they do not desire.

Given the state of affairs three months before Barrack Øbama was first seated as President, reported in the ABC News report (referenced above), one might imagine that Corp U.S. might do something to alleviate some of the problems that were then plaguing the nation.

The last thing the people might have imagined was Congress would seat a President that could not possibly qualify for the office.  Then came the deceptions of the unconstitutional ØbamaCare plan and Øbama’s authorizing more debt than the cumulative total of all of the presidents from the country’s first 224 years—and that was all done in his first four years in office under the largest recession in history!

In February, 2015, the Treasury reported $18.16 Trillion in outstanding Corp. U.S./Public Debt; which means the debt is now more than the GDP—meaning greater than the total economic production of the nation!  Events over the last 20+ years have made it clear to virtually everyone that if something isn’t done soon, very bad things will happen.  Again, that’s why people are turning to the Preppers Movement to learn how to prepare for the pending disaster that looms over this nation.

However, success is rarely achieved by first imagining the worst case scenario for the future, and only then, if you are a positive natured person, start trying to imagine what they are going to do about the impending doom.  If you are not a positive person then you just start spreading your negative vision of the future to insure that misery will enjoy company—wondering whether you will survive.  The problem with all of that is, regardless of what has already happened, the future is not yet written—you are writing it with your every thought and your actions supporting those thoughts.

Let’s face it, virtually every negative component of our present status is the result of some political action taken by Corp. U.S. or made in response to such acts.  And, the only reason the people are trending their focus on imagined futures they do not desire is they don't know of anything else that can be done.  However, we believe Benjamin Franklin showed us the way on September 18, 1787, at the close of the meeting in Philadelphia where our Constitutional Republic was formed; as he emerged from the meeting; and, Mrs. Powell directly asked him, “Well, Doctor, what have we got?  A republic or a monarchy?”  Mr. Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

His response has never been more important than today.
Can we keep it? 

As if by inspiration, Benjamin Franklin pointed his response to us: meaning, we could only keep it if we’re willing to learn how it works.  In other words, if we learn the law and how to apply it then we can control our government and keep our Republic.  However, today, our Constitution our nation and even our world are hanging by a thread; so, there’s little time to either learn and apply the law or lose it all.

At said USA Prepares Expo we showed the people how easy it is for them to learn how to learn and apply the law that would easily almost automatically return Corp. U.S. to the Constitution and how to use that process to restore our Constitutional Republic, reseat our original jurisdiction government to full power, call the debt owed to our original jurisdiction government (which would eliminate both the Corp. U.S. debt and income taxes) and return our gold and silver backed monetary system.

Before a few of the people could accept that vision of our future they asked us: “If it’s so easy to do, how come no one has done it?”

We reminded them: “It only takes one person in each Congressional District; aren't you such a person?”

In each case they said: “Yes.”

So, we asked them: “So, why haven’t you done it?”

Again, in each case, the reason was: “I didn’t know how.”

So, we showed them where to go to remember how when they got home from the Expo. and we asked them: Now that you know how, will you do it?  Will you let us help you get it done?”

Again, the answer was universal: “Yes.”

After others acknowledged how awesome such a future would be, they said: “Yeah, but, I can’t see Corp. U.S. ever letting that happen.”

To that was asked them: “Why?  Haven’t you realized that everyone that works for agencies of governance today are in the same boat as you in your vision of the impending disaster?  The only difference is you have different employers.  Don’t you realize that even the aristocracy of wealth and power would be hit with a crushing blow if the doom and gloom you have imagined became the new reality?  If the predicted crash hits, there will be no monetary system in place.  Even the best protected assets of the largest corporations, etc. need a working monetary system in place to function.  If the economy crashes like the economists are predicting, businesses and the banking industry will virtually all close because the people will not be able to make enough money to pay for the food and fuel they need to survive.  That's why Preppers are working on getting "off the grid" with the farming knowledge to hopefully survive.  Can’t you see that those conditions would effect everyone?  The monetary system would end, as would all public: utilities, food and fuel sources.  More importantly, can’t you see that is an imagined scenario you constructed in your mind and if you choose to follow that path, it has no good end for anyone—no one but Lucifer benefits from such a limiting broken view of the future.

“The bottom line: given that such a broken view of a future that no one but Lucifer could possibly want, is just that—an imagined view—something that you created to occupy a space in your mind.  Ask yourself: “Does it provide you with anything you want to work for—anything you desire to put your heart and soul behind?  If not, why leave such a broken fictitious vision in your mind?

“Surely you realize the future has not actually happened yet and the best way to have the future happen as you desire is to create a positive vision of something you do desire  So, instead of imagining a future that limits you from virtually every aspect of the hopes and dreams that have from the beginning of time made life worth living; notice how easy it is to learn a few simple functions of law, then imagine the effects of a few people learning and applying those laws as they exist.  Again, when we showed you that vision, could you not see how easily, almost automatically, returning Corp. U.S. to the Constitution and using that process to restore our Constitutional Republic, reseat our original jurisdiction government to full power, calling the debt owed to our original jurisdiction government (which would eliminate both the Corp. U.S. debt and income taxes) and returning our gold and silver backed monetary system?  Isn't that a better way to occupy the space in your mind devoted to your imagination of the future?”

Invariably, it was.  And, once again those people agreed that taking the simple steps necessary to insure that end was well worth the commitment to participate in the Call to Action.

Still, others just turned away determining that such a vision was just: “Too good to be true.”  Quite frankly, we have no idea what that means; how can anything be: “Too good to be true.”  Again, that seems like an opinion that Lucifer would like people to have to limit them from the possibilities that are standing right there before us.

The scripture provides: “All things are possible to those that believe.”  Again, that is not limited merely to the good available to us As in the vision we shared of a positive powerful future that will be ours it the people will simply learn and apply the simplest elements of law.  Respectively, all that needs to happen for evil to prevail is good men do nothing.  Either way, each path starts with a vision and the actions that automatically follow.

What inspires people to believe in a future they do not desire?  It starts by entertaining that insanity in your mind; however, if you never stop to notice that the only reason you failed to use the law to save your life, family and nation was because you never knew it held provisions that would stop the insanity and return our nation to its inspired Constitutional Republic wouldn’t you jump at the chance to learn that you have that power and how to make it happen?

That’s why we were quite pleased to have been invited to participate in the USA Prepares Expo.  Because everyone’s answer to that is: “Yes!” And, Team Law’s primary purpose is to help people learn how to learn the law so they can properly apply the law to restore our Constitutional Republic we accept virtually every opportunity to spread the word and make a difference.

Over the past 20+ years, by helping people learn how to learn and apply the law we have proven the law works.  The reason most people are unaware of that fact is because they simply have not learned how to learn the law.  They have either tried to learn and apply the law to no avail or they have witnesses or heard about others that we unsuccessful.  Respectively, when anyone attempts to apply the law incorrectly (or with an improper understanding of the actual nature of the relationships involved in any given situation), it is no surprise that what they thought was proper didn’t work.

We have repeatedly proven the law does work when it is applied properly with complete follow through.  That’s why, there is hope of reversing the effects of so many years of badly managed government.  The key is in learning how the law works and then applying it.  And, that too is easy; with Team Law’s help.

Learning how to learn and properly apply the law gives people hope in the future.  Such hope inspires a vision of possibilities that drives faith; which causes positive action.
We believe the three most important actions people can take are:

  1. Learn how to learn the Law (see: “Standard for Review”);
  2. Learn the Law (Team Law helps people learn how to learn the law first hand from its source); and,
  3. Apply the Law (examples: Hold public servants accountable; and, Restore our Constitutional Republic).

Team Law has proven that learning the Law is way easier than most people think.  That is exactly why Team Law was formed, to help people easily learn how to learn the law and how to apply it to save our nation.

If you would like to see the people of our nation rally together for the purposes of: legally and lawfully getting what appears to be government back under control, out of your pocketbook and off from your back; eliminating any need for taxation and getting our nation’s monetary system (gold and silver coin) back in full operation; having your natural sovereignty recognized and your rights secured against governmental trespass; getting foreign powers out of control of our country; and getting our Constitutional Republic back, then you must get involved—take action!

  1. Support Team Law

    Because time is too short to learn how to learn and apply the law on your own;
    Because Team Law is a one-of-a-kind resource dedicated to helping you learn how to learn and apply the law;
    Because the easiest fastest way for you to so learn is as a Team Law Beneficiary;
    And, given that Team Law has already shown how to both: properly apply the law to save our Constitutional Republic and, bring constitutional control back to Washington, D.C., it should be apparent that Team Law is worthy of your support.  Respectively, becoming a Team Law Beneficiary is the best place to start.

  2. Reseat the original jurisdiction government.

    On creation, God gave man dominion, agency and possession (the three elemental components that define sovereignty).  Then He gave us a command to 'be fruitful, multiply replenish and subdue' (see: Genesis 1:28)  That is the original foundation of authority under which people form governments; it also provides that the people are responsible to control (subdue) that which they so form.  As you begin following the Standard for Review to learn the law and its history, it will not take long before you discover the government formed private corporations under which they operate today.  Then, they vacated the original jurisdiction seats of government in favor of those corporate powers.  However, the people still have the lawful authority to fill those vacant seats to restore the original jurisdiction government.  From its beginning, Team Law has supported the peoples “Reseat America!” movement; to reseat those original jurisdiction seats; and, last year the people finally seated all of the State Governors.  However, in this years election it is critical that we maintain all of the State governors in their seats—thus, this is the most important thing that must happen before November 4th, 2014.

  3. Save our Republic

    You have the power and authority to lawfully compel the government to act only within the limits of the Constitution and laws of our nation.  Respectively, Team Law can help you learn how to use that authority to easily and quickly bring our nation back under constitutional control.  Because all authority in government comes from the people, when government officials act outside of the authority the people gave them you can easily apply the law to hold those officials accountable and restore our Constitutional Republic.  That’s why Team Law supports the Call to Action movement.  Anyone of competent age can do it and Team Law can easily show you how..

Though the Call to Action is incredibly effective, there are many powerful ways for the people to learn to apply the law.  Team Law’s Standard for Review opens the door to discovering the true nature of all of your relationships; many of which may surprise you.  You can easily learn how to secure those relationships through the proper application of the law.

Team Law has a complete action plan based on people learning how to learn to accomplish their desires; which plan assures “We the People” can save the nation (keep it) while we prosper in peace.

So, we ask you: “What would you like to accomplish?”  Do you have everything you desire or need?  Is there any aspect of your life in which you are not experiencing the successes you desire?

We welcome your support and hope you will spread the word to your friends (Twitter Logo Facebook Logo).

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Mahatma Ghandi.

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